Counterparty Wallets


Counterwallet is a user-friendly web wallet that makes all of the functionality provided by Counterparty’s reference client, available in your browser.

When you use Counterwallet, all transactions are signed on your device and your private keys are never stored on our servers. All information sent to our servers is encrypted by your Counterwallet client for maximum security, and every trace of your session is erased when you log out. All you need is your passphrase for easy and secure access.

Mobile Wallet

IndieSquare Wallet is the world’s first Counterparty wallet built for mobile devices.

For the first time you can send and receive tokens (as well as many other features) straight from your smartphone.

The mobile wallet features easy access to Counterparty tokens; sending , receiving and issuing tokens; push notifications; trading on the decentralized exchange, client-side encryption, viewing the token’s value in your local currency, and is completely compatible with Counterwallet.

Chrome Extension

Tokenly Pockets for Chrome is an open source wallet for the storing and sending of Bitcoin and Counterparty assets which stores your secret passphrase locally in the browser with the option of client-side password encryption.

Network data is collected from several APIs including,, and Transactions are assembled and signed locally then pushed to the network as a raw transaction through’s pushtx API.