Counterparty News

Counterparty Update 1/5/17

January 5, 2017

Ecosystem Updates Bitcoin and Counterparty were recently on Shark Tank South Africa as a result of an investment made by South African entrepreneur Vinny Lingham. Augmentors will be raising funds in part by selling DATABITS, a token on the Counterparty network. Following the investment, Corin Faife wrote an article detailing the event. Below are some

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counterparty-lib update 9.55.1

December 3, 2016

Release Announcement for counterparty-lib 9.55.1 Counterparty experienced roughly 14 hours of downtime on December 2nd, 2016. Counterparty is back up and running thanks to a fix enacted by several leading Counterparty developers. Ruben de Vries will be porting changes from master to develop within the next day or so. Please update to the latest version

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Counterparty Update 11/01/16

November 1, 2016

Development Updates Robby Health Issue Several months ago, due to increasing complications with a chronic health condition, Robby had to stop working for Symbiont. He is on the road to recovery, and has had to minimize his involvement in Counterparty. We wish him the best of luck and a speedy recovery. Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)

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Counterparty Foundation Bounty Program

October 11, 2016

Counterparty Development The Counterparty Foundation is starting a program to allow the community to fund features they want added to the Counterparty protocol. We will facilitate payment plans for development requests with widespread interest. Plans will be started immediately after the plan is approved, fully funded and an appropriate developer is found. Community Control The Counterparty

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Counterparty Update 09/27/16

September 27, 2016

Hello my name is Trevor Altpeter and I am here with the most recent edition of the Counterparty Update. Thank you to the other members of the Counterparty Foundation for helping to put this update together. Ecosystem Updates Spells of Genesis has launched the web version of the game and their team has been busy adding

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Counterparty Update 08/22/16

August 22, 2016

Hello my name is Trevor Altpeter and I am here with the most recent edition of the Counterparty Update. Ecosystem Updates IndieSquare and Spells of Genesis have teamed up with TCG Force of Will to innovate using Counterparty. Force of Will has a growing community with over 100,000 players that will soon be able to utilize

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Counterparty Update 08/03/16

August 4, 2016

Hello my name is Trevor Altpeter and I am here with the most recent edition of the Counterparty Update. Ecosystem News The mobile app company known as MandelDuck recently added support for Counterparty tokens within the popular Bitcoin geocaching app known as Takara. This is not the first time MandelDuck has integrated Counterparty tokens within

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Counterparty Update 07/19/16

July 19, 2016

Hello my name is Trevor Altpeter and I am here with the most recent edition of the Counterparty Update. Ecosystem News Storj kicked off Test Group C on July 8th. This is a major announcement for the Storj team as it signifies the beginning of their final testing period before the full launch later this

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counterparty-server 9.55.0 Released – Please upgrade!

July 14, 2016

Earlier this week Counterparty released a major new update for its reference client software. The new version of counterparty-lib, 9.55.0, brings numerous enhancements such as P2SH support, Docker builds, several protocol-level updates, as well as dozens of bug fixes. The included P2SH capabilities enable support in Counterparty for multisig addresses (which start with a ‘3’),

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Storj and Counterparty partner to add support for payment channels

July 12, 2016

Payment channel technology powers the upcoming Lightning Network and enables low-cost, almost instantaneous Bitcoin micropayments. Earlier this year, Storj developed a proof of concept to utilize such technology with Counterparty tokens. According to Shawn Wilkinson, CEO of Storj, “Payment channels allow for instant, ‘streaming’ payments of SJCX, which is a Counterparty token, in exchange for

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Counterparty Update 07/04/16

July 4, 2016

Hello my name is Trevor Altpeter and I am here with the most recent edition of the Counterparty Update. Ecosystem News TopCoin is a Counterparty project created by Josh Jones, co-founder of DreamHost, and his partner Michael Blend. The project has been operating since September of 2014 but has largely been flying under the radar.

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Counterparty’s EVM Port Moves Forward

June 27, 2016

NOTE: We have created a FAQ page for EVM/smart contracts. As most of you are aware, Counterparty is completing a port of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) to Bitcoin. When we heard about the attack that was successfully carried out earlier on the DAO contract code, it hit close to home. We’re saddened by the losses

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Counterparty Update 06/20/16

June 20, 2016

Hello my name is Trevor Altpeter and I am here with the most recent edition of the Counterparty Update. Ecosystem News Spells of Genesis was featured in a piece by Brave New Coin where several updates were announced: “Shaban Shaame, founder of EverdreamSoft and the conceiver of Moonga, one of the first online trading card

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EVMParty Progress Update

June 8, 2016

– Ruben De Vries 2.5 weeks ago we announced our plans to work towards the launch of the EVM running on Counterparty. Today I’m writing an update on the progress that has been made so far and an attempt to outline the roadmap/timeline for the rest of the work. Test Coverage For a while now all

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Counterparty Update 06/06/16

June 6, 2016

Hello my name is Trevor Altpeter and I am here with the most recent edition of the Counterparty Update. Ecosystem News On June 1st, Storj attended Decentralized and Encrypted in Berlin, Germany. The Blueyard Capital event was self-described as “The mission to upgrade the internet & an open conversation with Edward Snowden”. Storj’s Shawn Wilkinson

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Counterparty Update 05/23/16

May 23, 2016

Hello my name is Trevor Altpeter and I am here with the most recent edition of the Counterparty Update. Ecosystem News Spells of Genesis is a popular Android and iOS game that makes use of Counterparty to create in-game assets. Spells of Genesis posted a project roadmap that outlines the steps needed to complete the

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Counterparty Foundation Update

May 18, 2016

The 2016 Counterparty Foundation has been busy the past couple of weeks. We have several changes to announce that came out of our first meeting: The first Counterparty Community Meeting will be held on June 1st. These community meetings will be held once per month on the first Wednesday of the month. The meeting will

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Proposal for Ethereum Smart Contracts on Counterparty Mainnet

May 10, 2016

Background and Progress In late 2014, Counterparty added support for executing Ethereum smart contracts on testnet by porting the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) to our codebase. At this time, Ethereum was in a pre-alpha state, with its first major release, Frontier, not even having been announced. With the release of both Frontier, followed by Homestead

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Counterparty Update 05/09/16

May 9, 2016

My name is Trevor Altpeter and I am one of the five Counterparty Community Directors. I am creating a Counterparty Update that will be posted on a bi-weekly basis.   Ecosystem News Following recent downtime, Shapeshift has restored service for XCP in addition to several other cryptocurrencies.   IndieSquare has launched a new product called “IndieBoard” to extend the capabilities

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XCP 2016 Election Voting is Closed: Announcing the Names of the Counterparty Foundation Community Directors

May 2, 2016

On April 4th 2016, the Counterparty Foundation announced the start of its blockchain-based election for four Community Director seats, that will together with the Founding Director, Robby Dermody, officially represent the Counterparty project, help shape its direction and ensure an active and transparent leadership. During the two-week voting period, a total of 111,171.40 votes were

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Counterparty Foundation Board Announcement

April 16, 2016

With the upcoming elections of the next board of the Counterparty Foundation, we feel it’s an opportune time to look at our progress so far as well as to lay out some thoughts on how the project could grow and improve further. Indeed, the Counterparty project has come a long way since its January 2014

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Announcing the Start of the 2016 Counterparty Foundation Community Seats Election

April 4, 2016

On April 19th last year, the Counterparty community elected three Counterparty Foundation community directors to help shape the direction of the Counterparty project and grow the community around it.  Candidates with most votes from the community were Devon Weller, Robert Ross and Chris Derose. With the term of one year now coming to an end,

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Outage and error handling improvements

March 6, 2016

Earlier today the Counterparty network experienced an outage due to a protocol-level bug. Upon being alerted to the problem due to a combination of machine level alerts and Slack chat messages, our development team got to work debugging and fixing the issue. As a result, earlier we pushed a required new version of counterparty-lib (9.54.0)

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Announcing the Winners of the Devparty Contest

February 18, 2016

We’re happy to report that the Devparty voting period ended today with the closing block #398809 and that we’re ready to announce the winners of the first Counterparty development contest! Panel Voting The first voting group was comprised of six judges appointed by the Counterparty Foundation: Ivana Zuber: Counterparty General Manager Robby Dermody: Counterparty Co-founder;

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Introducing Devparty Projects and Announcing the Start of the Voting Period

February 10, 2016

After 10 weeks of development the Devparty contest is officially closed and five new Counterparty integrations are competing for the prize of up to 9,500 XCP! Below we’re listing all projects that have met the contest criteria: SoGParty by X_ETHeREAL_X SoGParty is a webwallet and marketplace tailored to Spells of Genesis game assets and built off

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Development Update: Enlarging the team and laying out our roadmap

February 8, 2016

— Robby Dermody We’re pleased to announce that Ruben De Vries aka “rubensayshi”, has joined the Counterparty core development team. Ruben is the current CTO of Bitcoin wallet company Blocktrail, and has actively been involved in Bitcoin software development professionally since 2013. Over the past half year, he has contributed significantly to the Counterparty codebase,

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Community Update, Jan 30th: New versions of counterparty-lib and counterblock

January 30, 2016

It’s time for the community update, and this week we’re excited to report we’ve released new versions of counterparty-lib and counterblock. v 9.53.0 of counteprarty-lib is an incremental upgrade with numerous bug fixes and performance enhancements which adds support for the 80-byte OP_RETURN. Note that, due to the undolog feature no longer tracking the messages

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Community Update Jan 17th: Sending out Community Voting Tokens, 13 New Exciting Counterparty Integrations in the Works

January 18, 2016

We’re happy to report we’ve sent out the DEVPARTY voting tokens to the community to vote in the Devparty contest a month from now. Community vote tokens were sent to the last unique active addresses, counted up until block 386200, with each address getting three tokens.  Voting will start on February 9th and last for

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Counterparty Community Update, Jan 02: Increasing OP_RETURN to 80 bytes & Devparty Developments

January 2, 2016

Development Updates We’re finalizing changes in our code and conducting final testing before the v9.53.0 release. Among various improvements and bug fixes, the new version will include the increased OP_RETURN to 80 bytes, a change that was included in the develop branch 2 weeks ago. For those that might be unfamiliar with this change, here’s

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Counterparty Community Update, Dec 5th: Starting a Forum Thread for Devparty Ideas

December 5, 2015

As announced in the last week’s post, the first official Counterparty development contest – Devparty, started on Tuesday with the purpose of enabling developers in the community to build and promote Counterparty integrations and win up to 9,500 XCP. The first step in participating in the contest is to come up with a solid project

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Announcing Devparty: the First Counterparty Development Contest

December 1, 2015

In expectation of the second anniversary of the Counterparty project, just a month away, the Counterparty Foundation is happy to announce the first development contest – Devparty, and is inviting developers from all over the world to build new Counterparty integrations, with up to 9,500 XCP in prizes available. The goal of Devparty is to

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Counterparty Community Update, Nov 7: New Versions of counterparty-lib and counterblock, New Wallets Page on the Website

November 7, 2015

It’s time for the weekly community update, and this week we’re excited to report we’ve released new versions of counterparty-lib and counterblock. The new version v 9.52.0 of Counterparty’s protocol reference implementation, counterparty-lib, contains added “undolog” functionality to avoid full reparses when encountering a blockchain reorganisation; added getrawtransaction and getrawtransaction_batch methods and optional custom_inputs parameter

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Counterparty Community Update, Oct 31: Announcing the Official Slack Channel & CIP

October 31, 2015

Over the past two years we’ve witnessed Counterparty open the door for the realization of numerous projects and pioneer the evolution of the Bitcoin 2.0 technology. However, being fully community-driven, Counterparty wouldn’t have been able to reach its milestones if it wasn’t for the loyal support of every member in the community. For this reason,

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Counterparty Community Update, Oct 17: Major Improvements to the Core Counterparty Software

October 17, 2015

Last week we announced the release of the new counterparty-lib version, v9.51.4 with bug fixes and major performance enhancements, including the ‘transaction chaining’ feature and resolving the counterparty-server availability issues. Last week we also pushed changes to the develop branch of counterparty-lib which significantly improves reorg processing making it almost instantaneous. We expect these changes

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Counterparty Update, Oct 03: New counterparty-lib & Counterparty Mobile versions

October 3, 2015

We’re happy to announce the release of the new counterparty-lib version, v9.51.4 which is an incremental upgrade with bug fixes and major performance enhancements. The new version adds a feature for ‘transaction chaining’ and addresses the availability issues with counterparty-server during Bitcoin ‘stress tests’. We have an additional update in testing which will remove the

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