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How to Submit a Bug Report

End Users

You can seek community help on the chat (fastest), forums or submit a bug report (instructions can be found below).

  • Before you open a new issue, do a search or two to check whether a similar problem is described somewhere on the Web. You can also search the Countewallet issues to see if the issue is open or has already been closed (an issue can be solved in there, but the code may still be in testing, so search closed issues, too)
  • If you suspect the problem is browser-related (e.g. disappearing or malformed text), confirm the problem in another browser or in the Incognito/Private mode (using the same browser). Stale cache is sometimes reason for weird browser behavior.
  • In case of issues with transactions that require tracking, paste your address in text (not image!) format
  • Related KB/FAQs:


  • All Counterparty projects are hosted on Github and can be found at https://github.com/CounterpartyXCP.
    • Counterwallet issues should go to the Counterwallet repo
    • counterpartyd issues should be submitted to the counterpartyd repo
  • If you think you’ve identified a security issue, check out the bounties page and contact the Counterparty developers directly.


  • Please see the pointers for end users (above).
  • Since it’s easy to check JavaScript Debug Console, it’s usually a good idea to check that out first
  • Describe the issue and submit the logs
    • Counterwallet-related problems: what happened, how to duplicate the issue, especially whether it was observed in another Web browser.


  • See https://github.com/CounterpartyXCP/counterparty-cli/blob/develop/CONTRIBUTING.md


  • See https://github.com/CounterpartyXCP/counterparty-lib/blob/master/CONTRIBUTING.md


The Counterparty Project Bounties

The Counterparty Projects offers bounties for various things, but especially for security issues related to Counterparty software. You can find more about those bounties here: https://counterparty.io/bounties/.

Community Bounties

From time to time community members create development bounties, too.

If you want to pay someone to develop a feature or fix a bug for you:

  • Ask in the chat or on the forums. If payment is in crypto, you can try to find a trusted community member to serve as 1-of-3 multisig senders.
  • Create a bounty directly under particular issue, or create a bounty on http://bountysource.com/teams/counterparty/issues. Counterparty repos are integrated with Bountysource.
  • You can also use other sites and announce your bounties in the chat or on the forums