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Counterparty Exchange Integration

By adding support for Counterparty, your exchange not only gets XCP market support, but support for any other Counterparty asset (such as Storjcoin X and Bitcrystals).

Technically, the process is rather straightforward. However, as Counterparty is not a fork of Bitcoin Core, adding Counterparty support to your exchange is slightly different from adding support for a cryptocurrency that is, like Litecoin or Dogecoin. We outline the general process below (for XCP, but the process is identical for all Counterparty assets):

Basic Setup

  • Follow the instructions here to set up a full node. You can install the base configuration (e.g. fednode install base master)

  • Alternatively, you can install and configure manually. Those instructions are here.

  • Once the system is set up, get started working with counterparty-server‘s API.

Handling Deposits

  • Create a XCP holding address (or several primary XCP holding addresses). The address will hold deposited XCP funds for all users using the exchange.

  • Create a regular Bitcoin address for each user wanting to deposit XCP using the API of the Bitcoin Core instance that counterparty-server is connecting to.

  • Poll for deposits using get_sends API method, filtering for asset==XCP, destination==deposit_address and block_index<=current_block_index-number_of_desired_confirmations. Record the quantity of the send transaction and the transaction’s txid.

  • ‘Prime’ the deposit address by sending it 0.0005 BTC.

  • For deposit, send the quantity deposited to the holding address using the do_send API method with the flag unconfirmed=True (so you don’t have to wait for the priming to confirm). Record the txid of this transaction.

  • When the second send is confirmed (poll get_sends again), credit the user’s account balance.

Handling Withdrawals

  • Prime the holding address if its current balance is below 0.0005 BTC.

  • Send the funds to the user-provided address with do_send.

Best practices

  • For deposits, wait for at least two confirmations on the send to the desposit address and one confirmation for the send to the holding address.

  • Keep the private key for the holding address secret and safe.

  • Keep the bulk of your exchange’s funds in cold storage.

  • Set a maximum XCP and BTC withdrawal amount, both per day and per event.