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How to send Counterparty assets in bulk

Below is a script for constructing, signing and broadcasting a large number of sends efficiently. It assumes that the source addresses are in a (temporarily) unlocked Bitcoin Core wallet, to which a running instance of counterpartyd is connected.

This script takes a single command-line argument of the CSV file from which to pull the sources, destinations, quantities, assets and fees.

Warning: This example is outdated as it used the previous addrindex bitcoin branch, however, same principles apply to current mainline repo.


import csv
import sys

from counterpartylib.lib import util
from counterpartylib.lib import config
from counterpartylib.lib.backend import addrindex

config.BACKEND_URL = 'http://user:password@localhost:4000'
config.TESTNET = False

def counterparty_api(method, params):
    return util.api(method, params)

def bitcoin_api(method, params):
    return addrindex.rpc(method, params)

def do_send(source, destination, asset, quantity, fee, encoding):
    validateaddress = bitcoin_api('validateaddress', [source])
    assert validateaddress['ismine']
    pubkey = validateaddress['pubkey']
    unsigned_tx = counterparty_api('create_send', {'source': source, 'destination': destination, 'asset': asset, 'quantity': quantity, 'pubkey': pubkey, 'allow_unconfirmed_inputs': True})
    signed_tx = bitcoin_api('signrawtransaction', [unsigned_tx])['hex']
    tx_hash = bitcoin_api('sendrawtransaction', [signed_tx])
    return tx_hash

with open(sys.argv[1], 'r') as csvfile:
      reader = csv.reader(csvfile)
      print('{}|{}|{}'.format('linenum', 'input', 'result'))

      for row in reader:
            if reader.line_num == 1:                                            

            source, destination, asset, quantity, fee = row
            fee, quantity = int(fee), int(quantity)

                  tx_hash = do_send(source, destination, asset, quantity, fee, 'opreturn')
            except Exception as e:
                  tx_hash = str(e)

            print('{}|{}|{}'.format(reader.line_num, ','.join(row), tx_hash))

CSV File

All quantities are specified in satoshis. The format of the CSV file is as follows:



Use this script on a system with counterparty-lib installed and in the PYTHONPATH. (If using a Federated Node, this is possible by issuing the command fednode shell counterparty or fednode shell counterparty-testnet as appropriate, and using the script in that shell.)

If the CSV file with the data is called input.csv, and the script is called sendmany.py, then call this script with $ python3 sendmany.py input.csv.