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Counterparty-lib 9.59.4 released!

September 1, 2021

Today counterparty releases version 9.59.4 which includes a hotfix for a sanity error which would cause a Counterparty server to stop operating normally. Upgrade Procedure for those running a federated node: cd federatednode/ fednode update counterparty counterparty-testnet fednode rebuild counterparty counterparty-testnet fednode rollback 698450 counterparty fednode start counterparty View counterparty-lib 9.59.4 Release Notes

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Counterparty Newsletter – July 2021

July 8, 2021

It’s been a buzzing couple of weeks all round in the Counterparty space. Check out a snippet of what’s been happening in the past month via the updates below.

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Theodore Krostue Chosen as New Community Outreach Manager

June 15, 2021

Theodore “Duncan” Krostue Brings a Personal Touch to CounterParty Public Relations and Group Meetings Summary Duncan draws on a strong history of decentralized internet publishing, peer to peer technology, blockchain tech, cryptoart, and online agency experience along with an academic background of informatics and marketing to offer public relations duties a competent voice. Over the

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Counterparty-lib 9.59.3 released!

February 17, 2021

This release includes a minor revision that fixes non-divisible asset dividends. Upgrade Timing Update should be done ASAP as this release has a block activated feature on block 670,000 which is consensus affecting. Upgrade and update via bootstrap ASAP. For those running a federated node: cd federatednode/ fednode stop git pull sudo rm -f data/counterparty/counterparty.*

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Counterparty-lib 9.59.0 released!

January 11, 2021

Release Notes: Replaced indexd backend with addrindexrs Adjust minimum DEX BTC order amount to 0.00001 BTC Mempool parsing updates (temp fix for heavy mempool loads) Speed up parsing of blocks Simplified Bech32 check Fixed ParseTransactionError error handler Updated holders() to include escrowed dispenser funds Added support for subasset names in MPMA lists & dispensers Fixed

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Counterparty-lib 9.58.0 released!

February 3, 2020

This release includes 2 new major features: P2SH encoding – Allows arbitrary size messages using 2 transactions to encode data inside P2SH scriptSigs. Multi-Peer-Multi-Asset (MPMA) Sends – Allows sending multiple assets to multiple addresses with different quantities and a memo on a single message, usually used in conjunction with P2SH. Upgrade Timing Update should be

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Counterparty-lib 9.57.0 released!

October 24, 2019

This release includes Dispensers and Sweeps (Protocol level, single message) support, a bitcoin version bump up to 0.18.1, and other improvements. Upgrade Timing Update should be done ASAP as the rules are already active. Bootstrap download or a full reparse is required as there’s already some dispensers active in mainnet and old nodes won’t pick

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Announcing the names of the 2019 Counterparty Foundation Community Directors

July 15, 2019

On July 1st 2019, we announced the start of the Counterparty Foundation blockchain-based election for five Community Director seats, that will officially represent the Counterparty project, help shape its direction and ensure an active and transparent leadership. During the two-week voting period, a total of 107,389 votes were given to seven community director candidates via

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Counterparty Newsletter 06-12-2019

June 12, 2019

It’s been a buzzing couple of weeks all round in the Counterparty space. Check out a snippet of what’s been happening in the past month via the updates below.

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Counterparty Newsletter 05-01-2019

May 1, 2019

It’s been a buzzing couple of weeks all round in the Counterparty space. Check out a snippet of what’s been happening in the past month via the updates below.

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Counterparty Newsletter 04-01-2019

April 1, 2019

It’s been a quiet month all round for the Counterparty community. Nevertheless, check out the updates below.

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Counterparty Newsletter 05/02/2019

March 5, 2019

This month’s update is full of exciting updates, as projects within the Counterparty ecosystem continue to take progressive steps forwards within the community.

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counterparty-lib 9.56.1 released!

February 14, 2019

Today counterparty releases version 9.56.1 which includes a hotfix for an uncaught exception which would cause a Counterparty server to stop operating normally. All users are encouraged to upgrade as soon as possible. Upgrade Procedure For those running a federated node with no front-end: fednode update counterparty counterparty-testnet then fednode rebuild counterparty counterparty-testnet For standalone

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Counterparty Newsletter 02/04/2019

February 4, 2019

February Newsletter

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Counterparty Newsletter 01/07/2019

January 7, 2019

Happy New Year to the Counterparty Community! As it is with the holidays, it has been quiet on most fronts from projects within the ecosystem but nevertheless, let’s continue with this month’s updates: Ecosystem Updates: Mandel Duck paired with HashHub Tokyo to release the beta version of SaruTobi Lightning for android. As mentioned last month,

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Counterparty-lib 9.56.0 released!

December 28, 2018

This release includes SegWit support on testnet (effective immediately) and on mainnet (effective from an activation block). This release also includes an update to use the latest version of Bitcoin Core 0.16.3, replaces the addrindex patch dependency with indexd, and includes additional changes and improvements listed in CIP19. Warning Update should be done with at

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Counterparty Newsletter 12/14/2018

December 14, 2018

  It’s been a quiet month in the Counterparty ecosystem but nevertheless, there are some interesting updates leading into the new year. Check them out below:   Ecosystem Updates:   IndieSquare is working towards a new project with the intention of allowing instant and cheap counterparty tokens sends, that will be optimized for gaming use

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Counterparty Newsletter 11/07/2018

November 7, 2018

This month’s Counterparty newsletter update is full of development and gaming addition updates among several ecosystem projects, check them out below: Ecosystem Updates IndieSquare has hired Counterparty protocol developers to help with development and research into token scaling solutions such as lightning network and/or side chains, to help improve and work toward the ever-progressing state

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Counterparty Newsletter 10/09/2018

October 9, 2018

It has been a quiet month in the Counterparty sphere but nevertheless, substantial. Check out the updates below: Ecosystem News: IndieSquare was among other blockchain adopters, Everdreamsoft at this year’s Tokyo Game Show this past month. There, the team demonstrated their new web standard API onboard with present developers; alongside their new SDK (Software Developer

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Counterparty Newsletter 09/05/2018

September 5, 2018

Ecosystem Updates: It’s been a progressive month as CIP development continues with help from developers in the Counterparty community. Alongside some other interesting updates from projects in the community, check out this month’s update below! Spells of Genesis released a new legendary Earth Card this past week. Users can now access the card from the

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Counterparty Newsletter 08/01/18

August 1, 2018

Ecosystem Updates: Although it has been another quiet month for the community, a few projects are making strides towards some exciting changes in the months ahead as new projects get their start and others are set to begin as we end the summer. Spells of Genesis recently celebrated 2134 blockchainizations of their in-game cards on

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Counterparty Newsletter 07/02/18

July 2, 2018

Ecosystem Updates It’s been a quiet month in the Counterparty community this past month but a couple of significant and exciting updates from some projects in the space have finally been announced! Check them out below! Spells of Genesis followed up their recent monthly June campaign by announcing their July Wizardry campaign. With this month’s

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Counterparty Newsletter 06/04/2018

June 4, 2018

Ecosystem Updates A number of projects in the Counterparty community have been nominated for Cryptobit Game’s first ever ‘Cryptobit Awards’. Projects such as Bitcorn Crops, Mafia Wars, Age of Chains and Age of Rust, can be voted for among various categories here if you’d like to show your support for any of these projects in

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Counterparty Newsletter 05/02/2018

May 2, 2018

Introduction May’s Counterparty Newsletter features a few brief but exciting updates from the Counterparty community. Check them out below! Ecosystem Updates Spells of Genesis has had a busy month with quite a few exciting new updates alongside their regular monthly campaigns. Firstly though, their ‘May’s Dawn’ campaign, allowed users who had completed the first star

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Counterparty Newsletter 04/03/2018

April 3, 2018

April’s Counterparty Newsletter includes some exciting developments and updates from projects in the community, check them out below! Ecosystem Updates Spells of Genesis brings a few updates to players this month alongside its regular monthly campaign. Following ‘Fair February’, the month of March introduced players to ‘the Ire of March’ – available to users who

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Counterparty Newsletter March 1st

March 1, 2018

Counterparty’s March update holds some exciting news for web-client users of the protocol, alongside some new developments from projects in the community! Ecosystem Updates: Spells of Genesis released the beginning of a new series of campaigns this past month. Joining their seasonal leaderboard campaigns, February expanded the Askian universe for Spells of Genesis players with

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Counterparty Newsletter 02/ 01 / 2018

February 1, 2018

February’s newsletter begins by announcing that Counterparty recently surpassed 71,000 registered assets. With this exciting news, let’s move forward with this month’s updates.   Ecosystem Updates: Sarutobi Island follows previous updates provided in the last few Counterparty newsletters with some more details regarding SaruTobi’s next chapter. Now that Chapter 2 has been released – available

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Counterparty Newsletter 01/10/2018

January 10, 2018

We welcome the new year and the first newsletter of 2018 with a few important updates from Counterparty and projects in the community. Ecosystem Updates: Sarutobi Island expands on updates provided last month as lead developer and community member Christian Moss, released a demo video featuring Bondy. Bondy; a representative of Japanese charity Kizuna, is

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Counterparty Community Hangout 12/2/17

December 9, 2017

Last Saturday, Counterparty hosted a community hangout on Discord. Long overdue, the hangout was the first of many regularly scheduled voice-meetings to come wherein projects are welcome to discuss their own project updates, as well as join the community in an open discussion about developments to the Counterparty protocol and ecosystem.   The hangout proved

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Counterparty Newsletter 12 / 01 / 2017

December 1, 2017

We begin the last newsletter of 2017 with several updates from projects in the Counterparty community. Regardless of the swaying back and forth of forks, improvements to the Counterparty protocol continue, and the innovative community continues to grow. We look forward to 2018 and continued growth and success for Counterparty. Updates from existing projects developed

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counterparty-lib 9.55.4 released!

October 31, 2017

Today counterparty releases version 9.55.4 which includes a hotfix for an uncaught exception which could cause a Counterparty server to stop operating normally. There is no mandatory upgrade block for this release. However, all users are encouraged to upgrade as soon as possible. Upgrade Procedure For those running a federated node with no front-end: fednode

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Counterparty Newsletter 10/30/17

October 30, 2017

Continuing on from last month, Counterparty continues to move forward with some exciting updates from the community.  Implemented from our funded CIPs – the Counterparty Protocol has also seen some vast improvements this month – fulfilled by donations from the Counterparty community using our bounty program.   Ecosystem Updates   Counterwallet an optimized web wallet

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counterparty-lib 9.55.3 released!

September 30, 2017

NOTE: If you run a Counterparty node, please update your software as per these instructions within the next 2 weeks, prior to the block 489956 hard fork!   Today we released version 9.55.3 of counterparty-lib, which notably includes a reduction in the cost of all Counterparty transactions, cheaper sends with memo support, easier exchange integration, and

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Counterparty Update 9/20/17

September 20, 2017

New Hires Counterparty is excited to announce two new hires in recent weeks Firstly, Counterparty would like to welcome Rebekah Moss as community outreach manager for 6 months. Rebekah will work to drive engagement across, and offer support to, the Counterparty community. Secondly, Counterparty has retained Devon Weller as a core developer for 6 months,

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Counterparty Update 6/23/17

June 23, 2017

Ecosystem Updates The Counterparty ecosystem has seen a lot of progress the past month. There has been a massive influx of new projects and updates of existing ones. Here’s a brief overview: is nearing full release and will be replacing Blockscan as our primary block explorer. IndieSquare is also working on their ‘Token Explorer‘,

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